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Life is Like a Tightrope

Happy Monday!

There is one important rule of walking a tightrope – to always look up and never look down because if you look down, you go down.



Life is no different. If we’re going to successfully walk through life, we have to keep our head up. When we experience set backs & obstacles, we must always refocus our line of sight and look up to move forward.



Our great challenge is that our minds have a tactical advantage over us at all times, as it knows our fears & insecurities. This is why when we hit obstacles, it’s easier to focus on what’s wrong because our mind is pulling us in that direction.



The game is to become aware of your thoughts and investigate the self limiting ones that pull you down. Awareness is the first step to change anything! Beyond that, you must be ready and willing to constantly reprogram your mind to embrace challenges. Just as you perform software updates on a computer, you need to regularly tune up your mind so that you can continue to look forward and keep going. Otherwise the chaos of life will knock you off the tightrope.


Train Your Mind


One of the most effective training tactics I use is 100% mental. I become aware of what I am consciously avoiding—trying to get out of, wanting to be over—and reframe it in the moment.

It’s not an easy process. My mind can easily succumb to stress & turn weak at any given point. The goal is not to turn your mind into a computer, but to catch yourself when you slip.

Like performing one of those heavy and/or high rep sets of deadlifts, or that killer yoga pose where you feel like your quads + shoulders are burning off simultaneously; you squash the negative chatter in your mind and push through.

Sometimes, you squash the negative voice with loud white lies: “YEAH!! I (blanking) LOVE THIS!!!” If you tell yourself something strongly enough, you will believe it.

And sometimes you use less meatheaded tactics. But the bottom line is if you think about how bad it is, it will be worse. As you walk the tightrope, keep your head up and look forward.



Like building your muscles, you must train your mind in order to sharpen it. A good practice is to do something you don’t want to do each day. A simple thing you can do is take cold showers; something I do daily. When I look down (focus on the cold), it’s miserable and I’m shaking. But when I look up and know its going to be cold and challenge myself to actually enjoy it—through focusing on breath and remaining calm—it’s like any other shower.



What’s something YOU can do today to sharpen your mind?!  How will you squash the negative chatter and push through?







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