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What if...

Happy Monday!

Humans tend to be more emotional than objective. When something happens that we don’t like, our natural tendency is to react emotionally rather than to question the situation objectively. For example;


  • This is the worst thing ever.
  • There is no way to recover from this event.
  • Things will never get better.


By reacting so, not only do we waste energy on unproductive emotion, we choose to look through a limited lens where we can only see the downside. Reacting emotionally paralyzes you and prevents you from moving forward.


What if we shifted our energy towards the possibilities?

Look through a wider lens and try to see other possible outcomes:

  • What if whatever happened is actually perfect?
  • What if whatever happened occurred at the right time for you to move to your next stage of growth?
  • What if the place you are in right now is teaching you lessons that will pay off in 15-20 years in ways you can’t even imagine?
  • What if everything will actually be okay and it’s not nearly as bad as you think?


These questions are part hypothetical in that there is no way to know the true answer. But at least you have set aside the emotions and are objectively looking at possibilities, as opposed to assuming the worst case.


This is not to say that negative life events are actually easy to deal with or convenient. But how we regard an event will determine where we go from there. And if we are stuck on what happened, we will face greater anxiety & stress because we are not letting ourselves move on.


Spending energy wishing the past was different or worrying about the future will not benefit you today.


Life is imperfect. Remove any judgement about how you handle issues & stress, past and present. If you can embrace and practice objectivity, you’ll better learn from situations, be able to see the possibilities, and be better able to move forward.




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