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4 Tips to Overpower Your Cravings

Happy Monday!

One of the hardest parts of eating clean for so many of us is controlling our cravings when they arise. Eating is something we greatly enjoy and subsequently find hard to control in the short-term, because we don’t immediately see the drawbacks. That beloved glass of wine each night will not add inches to your waistline instantly, but over the course of weeks and months those extra calories will certainly add up.


Here are some tools you can use next time food/drink cravings and negative thoughts/emotions arise. The more you intentionally deploy these tools, the better you will re-wire your subconscious to start to do these things without so much active thought on your part. It will become second nature.


1) Go “Shhh!!” like a librarian: Libraries are one of the few quiet spaces left and we have librarians to thank! Just as a librarian or student who is fully engaged in their studying would signal people talking to quiet down, the next time you feel a desire or craving come up, take back control with a firm “Shhh!!”

By the way, you can use this same technique with negative thoughts! Yes–give it a shot!


2)  Ask yourself: ‘Is this really necessary?’: If we are being completely honest, of course it’s never ‘necessary.’ We could go weeks without eating and days without drinking. Yet there are times when we ‘need’ a release; for example, that drink we ‘need’ after a long day. By pausing and questioning these cravings, you’ll realize most times you don’t actually need it, break that negative subconscious pattern, and you’ll indulge less.


3)  Ask yourself: ‘How will I feel after…?’: We rarely think about the immediate consequences of our impulses, only to feel bad about them later. A great test to know if something is truly worth indulging in is to pause a few moments and think about how you will feel immediately after you have or do whatever it is you’re craving.


4)  Closely examine your cravings: Hold a metaphoric magnifying glass to your cravings or negative emotions to examine what’s really going on. The more closely you investigate why you “need” certain types of food in an unhealthy way, or why something bothers you, the more likely you will be to let go of the need or the negative feelings.


These strategies are easy, sensible, and can work well, but only if you actively practice them. By practicing, we put effort into improving something. And an important part of improvement is learning, which is not a linear process. Some days will be better than others.  Do not judge yourself; always remember tomorrow is a new day and the perfect time to start anew!




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