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Climbing that Mountain

Happy Monday!

(This week I am taking the opportunity to feature a favorite post from the earlier days of m.e.l.t. While this post is not new, I hope you find that the message still resonates and is of value. Enjoy!  JC)


Life is like climbing a mountain. You can’t always see the peak or what is around the edge. All you can see is the immediate path ahead of you.


All you can see and therefore control is your next step.


Too often I see people get so caught up in the details of the destination that they miss their very next step.


Whether Kilimanjaro, Everest or any other big mountain, the tip of the mountain will ALWAYS be cloudy because it’s so high up and the conditions are crazy and unpredictable – just like your life isn’t always smooth and steady and the future is shrouded in uncertainties.


When you climb a mountain, you know you’re heading towards the top even though you can’t see it. If you set big enough goals, they should be cloudy and you shouldn’t be able to see them right away. All this means is that you are about to accomplish something great.


Like climbing a mountain, when you climb towards a challenging goal, you WILL get stronger and learn a ton–even if you don’t reach that exact goal.


“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”


  1. Declare a challenging goal TODAY. Don’t wait for January 1! That’s a whole month you could have been heading towards your goal!
  2. Start climbing. Every journey begins with the first step.
  3. Realize you do not need to believe you can achieve your goal just yet. Don’t get caught in the details. Just focus on taking the next step.
  4. The peak may be covered in clouds, but it’s there! And with each step you’re getting closer!
  5. No matter the conditions, just keep putting one foot in front of the other and move forward daily. Every single step matters because it’s progress!


YOU can.

WE can.





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