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7 Meditations for a Better Week

Happy Monday!

How many of the following meditations + actions combos resonate most with where you are in your life right now?

How can you apply them to improve your life this week?


1). Know that the inner chatter in your mind is self-made, which means you have the power. Take control of the conversation in your head and empty out whatever trash is not supporting your best interest.


2). Take inventory of what brings you down and stay away from it. If it’s something or someone you can’t completely get away from, limit your exposure. Redesign the space(s) around you to support your goals and how you want to feel.


3). One way to create stillness in the mind and enjoyment in your day to day process is through building routines. Focus not on the outcomes that the routines could potentially bring, but instead on the peace of mind & clarity you’ll gain through the consistency.


4). You cannot force outcomes. Effort and willpower are necessary prerequisites for success but ultimately it’s your ability to ‘let go’ of the idea of control of what happens that will bring you the fulfillment you are looking for.


5). Think of your struggles as an onion where with each layer you peel off, you achieve a degree of clarity. Just as you don’t cook with a whole onion, you cannot overcome your struggles if you skip peeling away & chopping out the emotional damage from your past. In life—just like when chopping onions—you cry; then it’s over.


6). We are always just one decision away from a better reality. If we are being honest, we typically already know what that decision is. So if you are not ready to make it, figure out what you can do to prepare yourself to make the decision and potentially create a better reality.


7). Helping someone else feel better or do better is the most self-serving thing you can do.


Spend some time in meditations. Then act.





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