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Keep Momentum Going Through the Holidays

Happy Monday!

For those of us who work out regularly and eat clean, it can be difficult to keep our momentum during the holidays. There are two inner forces at conflict with each other:


  • Side A wants to continue to do the things that are working for you.
  • Side B recognizes this special time of year and does not want to be as restrictive.


The key to sustainable clean eating is to be flexible and adaptive but not absolute in any one way. When we act in absolutes, we put a lot of unnecessary pressure on ourselves The reality is it doesn’t have to be an either/or situation. 


Remove unnecessary frustration and pressure by being honest about what YOU actually want and what you are willing to do & sacrifice for that thing.


A Pragmatic Step to Keep Momentum Going


One approach you can take to bridge the gap is to track behavior. Track the positive actions you take towards your goals. You don’t need to acknowledge what you’re not doing or unsupportive behaviors, but you still keep momentum going in a positive direction.


For example, rather than track how many calories you eat, track the positive behaviors you are taking:

  • Daily movement:  (include walking, workouts – whatever movement you do)
  • Lean protein feedings per day
  • Vegetables feedings per day
  • Fruit feedings per day
  • Healthy fat feedings per day
  • Prepped meals per day
  • Total meals per day


When you don’t track anything and are flexible with what you eat or drink, it’s easy to get sucked into the “all or nothing” approach—which at this time of year usually turns into the “nothing” approach. But by tracking the positive behaviors listed above, you give yourself a simple, easy structure that help keep your momentum going with your feeling burdened or deprived.


When you track the weekly totals of these behaviors, you will see patterns and can address them when you grocery shop/plan for the week. Tracking those behaviors gives you clear, objective data that shows you how to improve, as opposed to merely guessing how you’re doing.


We all know this to be the season of giving, and most often it’s directed towards everyone else. Just remember to give yourself a gift, too—the gift of making your own health a priority!




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