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A Word for 2020

Happy Monday!

You’ve surely heard the cliché, “Hindsight is 2020…”  It’s impossible to avoid because of the “Captain Obvious” commercials that show how easy it is for us to look at something after it happens and call it out.


The cliché is an interesting parallel to the year 2020 and gives us an opportunity to realize our own “Captain Obvious” moments from within.


If you take time to sit quietly, journal, and reflect on your life up to this point, you will discover patterns. If you identify them and if you’re open, these patterns can be clues to direct you to your highest self over this next year.


Traditional goal setting can be superficial if we think only about what we want and set trendy goals we think we are correct because that’s what we see on social media.


Our ego (the smaller self inside) uses this to keep us from achieving our potential by leveraging our fears & anxieties to make us compare ourselves to what the rest of the world appears to be doing.


Another downside to traditional goal setting that we become too fixated on the outcome. The perfectionist inside us gets quickly frustrated that we have not immediately realized the goals we set for ourselves–and we give up.



Break the Superficial Goal-Setting


What if this year we broke that superficial goal setting process, and instead looked deep inside to determine what we truly need and want?


Now I’m not recommending we totally abandon traditional New Year’s goal setting.  There is tremendous benefit to it because it gets us started in the direction we feel is best.


However, instead of letting those goals be the end of the process let them decide your direction. And let those goals be fluid because if you’re truly embarking on a journey of self discovery, the things you want will change as you grow.


So at this point you’re probably wondering, “Well, then what SHOULD I use to guide myself each day?”


Years back a friend and mentor, Chris Brogan, advised me to pick a word that encompasses the totality of what I wanted to achieve in the year to come. It was great advice then as well as now.


Your “Word for the Year” will be a reminder to bring you back to what truly matters. If you take time to seriously reflect on which word will serve you best, you’ll find that that word will serve other areas of your life  (mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, vocational, relational, and so on), which is something traditional goal setting does not usually address.


How to Find Your Word for the Year


  1. Give yourself a full hour–at the beginning of the day when you are fresh, or at the end of the day when you are feeling meditative—to engage in this reflective task.
  2. Get a notebook and pen (it’s best to use actual paper) and find a quiet spot.
  3. Answer these questions:
    – What have you learned about yourself when you’ve set goals in the past?
    – What do you want to be different in 2020?
    – What unproductive patterns do you find yourself in?
  4. Reflect/meditate on these answers, be aware of the words that pop up, and write down those words. Don’t evaluate the words yet—just keep reflecting and writing without judgement.
  5. When you think you’ve done a good job of answering the questions, review your notes. Which words truly resonate with you? Which word carries the highest charge? Could that be your Word for the Year?


Once you find your Word of the Year, SHARE it! Accountability among family and friends helps reinforce your goals and keeps you honest with your effort. And your word will undoubtedly inspire others!

I would love to know what your Word of the Year is!! Tag me @joecarabase on Instagram and/or Facebook!


I wish you all a Happy & Healthy New Year–both inside and out!






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