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Create the Life You Want to Live

Happy Monday!

The human mind experiences 60,000- 80,000 thoughts per day! To say the mind is busy would be an understatement. In our fast-paced world, we continually go/do/distract. As a result, those thoughts that have the most emotional charge (good or bad) will stay, repeat and eventually program into our subconscious where they become the impetus for so much of what we think, say and do.


Emotionally-charged thoughts can be highly productive. During Martin Luther King’s fight for equality, he remained whole in his conviction and willingly risked his life to continually spread his message and fight for justice.


On a more micro level, emotionally charged thoughts can be productive in your work place, in your fitness/nutrition or wherever else you apply them. For instance, if your doctor told you that if you don’t get your health together you could die of a heart attack, that thought would trigger strong emotions that would empower you to quit bad habits and create the life you want to live.


On the flip side, emotionally charged thoughts can also be negative and super unproductive. All of us are walking around with negative thought patterns that were programmed into us as a kid.


For example, studies show that overweight kids are likely to turn into overweight adults. Getting called fat or told you were not an athlete by a cruel bully or an adult authority figure can trigger a heavy emotional response that you replay endlessly in your mind. The mind has the power to subconsciously find evidence to support anything (good or bad) that we constantly think about. Remembering negative messages gets so ingrained to the point where we regard it as a truth instead of as merely a crappy comment made by an idiot.


To varying degrees, we all have a damaged inner child due to negative experiences that significantly triggered us during our most vulnerable development. The good news is just as you can download new software for your computer, so can you reprogram your mind to think in positive terms of who you want to be and create the life you want to live. The bad news is that it takes conscious effort–there is no magic wand to vanish years of negative wiring.


How I Identify Negative Thought Patterns & Turn Them Around


1) Commit to doing whatever it takes for as long as it takes to turn around whatever you do not like. Know that you will not be able to follow the plan without ups & downs. But do commit to let go of what you can’t control, let go when you miss a step, and commit to return your focus back to the process.


2) Dedicate time to journal daily:

– Observe (but don’t judge) your thoughts: What thought patterns exist?
– Contemplate
: Where might these thoughts come from? What does that mean?
– Reflect
: When else have I had a particular thought? How did I handle it in the past? How did it work for me? What can I learn from that experience?



3) Meditate daily: Don’t expect to sit down, close your eyes and have a clear head. Meditation is like any other skill, you will start off as a beginner and it takes constant work & effort. Just know that every second you spend focusing on calming your mind and breathing deeply is of tremendous benefit. When thoughts come through, view them as clouds in the sky passing by and return back to your breathing.



4) As you practice #2 & 3, you’ll be more aware and start to catch yourself throughout the day, asking:

– Am I allowing myself to be a victim of these circumstances?
– Do I recognize my negative emotion? Will I choose instead to own this experience and control what I can?



5) Reinforce your efforts by reading/listening to content dedicated to opening your mind towards progress. I’ve spoken on this topic hundreds of times on both my podcasts (Fat Radio and “The Best Day of My Life Project”). Currently I’m listening to an audio book from Dr. Joe Dispenza called “Evolve Your Brain” which I highly recommend to everyone, whether audio or in print.


The reality comes down to this one truth:


You can continue to complain, blame, and stay exactly where you are, doing and thinking the same things you’ve always done. Or you can you take ownership of your life and make daily effort to create the life you want to live here on earth. 


Some may think it’s harsh but I find it very optimistic because it gives us the control to change. YOU get to create the life you want to live–how awesome is that?!


You get to choose. Just know that if you do not consciously choose, the mind will default to victim mode.


Feel free to forward this to someone you think can benefit. For daily thoughts and tips on this subject, follow me on Instagram @joecarabase.






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