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3 Tips to Embrace Your Busy Mind

Happy Monday!

The nature of the busy mind is to think, to access your surroundings, to scan for potential dangers & threats, and to keep you alert to “protect” you. But we are running on an ancient operating system.


Don’t get me wrong, our brain & nervous system is quiet literally the greatest miracle in the world! However, the world our system was adapted into is far different than the world we live in today.


99% of the time, your mind does not need to protect you from a life or death situation. But your mind can’t differentiate between the caveman stress from a saber tooth tiger and the modern stress from technology/work/family. So your mind is constantly firing thoughts. The thoughts you react to emotionally are noted by your mind/body the same as for an actual life threatening predator, so it is on high alert for anything that carries an emotional charge.


We give our thoughts labels to determine their level of importance in our lives. The more we think about something in a way that makes us angry or upset, the more our system fixates on that thought–which ends up manifesting itself into a real issue.


Manifesting or thinking something into existence is often misunderstood. It’s not as if there is a magic genie inside where we ask for a wish and it grants us whatever we want. In fact we don’t need to do anything to manifest a thought into reality. We are doing it all the time subconsciously.


Essentially it comes down to this: whatever you think about repeatedly, on a deep emotional level to the point where your senses get heightened when it comes up, you will nurture into manifesting in some form into your life.


Calm your Busy Mind with Three Steps


1. As thoughts come up, do your best to stay neutral.
Distance yourself emotionally, as though you are merely observing an ant on the sidewalk. Say “Hmm, isn’t that interesting?”

When you find yourself getting emotionally charged in a negative way, take out your journal and write it down so you can actively explore why it’s bothering you.

2. Do not fight thoughts you do not like!
What you resist will persist! If you’re feeling a certain way about something, you need to follow #1. When you try to avoid the thought, you’re just pushing it back down into your being which is like trying to cap an active volcano. It WILL erupt–sooner or later!

3. Water beautiful flowers, not weeds.
Do you intend to grow weeds in your yard? Um, no. Who does? But do weeds grow? They sure do!

The same is true inside your mind. You may not want “weeds” (or negative thoughts) but they’re going to be there. The more you give emotional energy to them, the more those negative thoughts will grow. It’s only when you identify & face them down that will you be able to “weed” them out of your life.

Just as importantly, use your powers for good! Each day, fill your mind with beautiful flowers—things that are of great meaning to your life, and things you want to happen. Then “water” the flowers by thinking about those things frequently. Because whenever you do, you will heighten your senses–in a GOOD way!

The mind is incredibly powerful! So why not recruit it for what we want?






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