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Writing the History You Want

Happy Monday!

Disasters and tragedies throughout history have had a way of bringing people closer together. The shared experience of going through tough times can connect strangers with no other common ground.


Take for instance 911, one of the worst days in American history. All of us can recall exactly where we were and what we were doing when we first heard that a plane crashed into the North Twin Tower.


We are now living through the Coronavirus disease epidemic, a viral outbreak of a magnitude and severity not seen since the 1918 Flu Pandemic. It’s important for us to realize that not only will this pass as well, but we will all remember where we were in our life during this time.


So then, why not write history the way we want to remember it?


Of course, we can’t write the Coronavirus epdemic out of history. It’s the result of the natural flow of the universe, which has been around for 13.8 billion years and continues to cycle through events & changes without our permission.


The more we focus on what we want to happen, the more tension, anxiety and fear we will have because we do not have the ability to control outcomes. We cannot control the Coronavirus itself. But that is not the same as saying we are completely helpless! We can all do our part during this unsettling time by practicing frequent handwashing, disinfecting common surfaces, social distancing, and other medically-advised precautions.


What if we stopped fighting against the idea of the Coronavirus and instead took this opportunity to leverage our sheltered time for something productive?


How do You Want to Remember This Time in History?


  • Do you want to remember that you were glued to your phone and to the news, allowing your mind to run rampant with fear and letting the uncontrollable take over your existence?
  • Or do you want to remember this as a life-changing moment where you saw the cup as half full and used it as an opportunity to shift your life in a positive direction?


Michael Alan Singer wrote: You are literally not the same person on both sides of a truly life-changing event. Your interests change, your goals change, in fact, the underlying purpose of your life changes. It usually takes a very powerful event to turn your head around so far that you never look back.


Wake Up with a Plan, Write Your History

You can write your history by planting the seeds of great things to come. It starts with a foundation. Most clients I’ve worked with had an easier time following “the plan” during the week as opposed to weekends because on weekends there is far less structure. During this time of uncertainty, where we are forced to change the way we live our life, the worst thing we can do is wake up with no plan. No plan allows the ego to question its purpose and take you down a rabbit hole of negativity.


Step 1:  Create a routine: Set an alarm and wake up the same as you would during a normal work week, or at least close to it.


Step 2:  Leverage the Eisenhower Matrix to increase your productivity:

  • Focus on what is important and urgent to your role & responsibilities
  • Schedule what is important but not urgent
  • Reduce what is unimportant & urgent
  • Eliminate what is unimportant & not urgent.


Your mental and physical health is not just important, it’s urgent during this time! Make sure you create space to work on yourself, inside and out.


Here’s a link for a deeper explanation of the Eisenhower Matrix:


Step 3: Take quiet time to think about what’s important but not urgent. We will all talk about and remember how terrible the threat was and pay respect to those who suffered from the virus. But how will you retell your personal account?


  • Did your family develop an even deeper bond?


  • Was the increased down time exactly what you needed to get into healthy habits?


  • What projects around the house have you been saying you wish you had more time to do?


  • Is now a good time to reevaluate what you want out of life and research to the steps you must take towards your higher purpose?


  • What have you wished you had more time to learn – how can you leverage books & digital content to dive deep?


  • What unique skill do you possess that could help people during this time? What elements of your profession or hobbies can you share to educate people during this time? For example, are you a great cook who can do Facebook lives to demo budget-stretching recipes? Are you a dentist who can post reminders about best practices for good dental hygiene while dentist’s offices are closed except for emergencies?


I don’t care who you are and where you are at life, I can guarantee you that you have something uniquely special to offer to this world and that there are more people than you know who can benefit.


When life hands you a lemon, you can let it rot. Or you can make lemonade, put slices in your water, or squeeze it over your salmon. There’s what IS and then there is what YOU MAKE out of it.


So what will YOU MAKE out of today and the days to come? Will you seize the opportunity to write the personal history you want?






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