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Why You Should Be “You’re Out of Your Mind!”

Happy Monday!

Wouldn’t you rather be out of your mind than stuck in your head? 

Most of us go through life assuming that the voices we hear inside are who we are. The crazy thoughts, the desires, the judgement about everything you do or don’t do. We are stuck inside our heads with the chaos of all of those voices. It’s no wonder so many in our society have some sort of addiction, such as to sugar, caffeine, exercise, food, alcohol or social media. We are constantly seeking distractions to try to quiet all that noise in our minds.


Here’s the thing: YOU ARE NOT YOUR THOUGHTS. There is no reason to fight or struggle with whatever is running through your mind. Your consciousness is who hears and watches these thoughts. When we are busy and scattered, it’s very easy to confuse incessant inner chatter with reality. 


It’s an ugly cycle: a thought comes through and connects to an emotional charge, the massive power of our awareness focuses on it, it becomes charged with even more energy and now carries a power over us because it’s demanding more attention. 


What you focus on grows–whether good or bad. If we are not centered in our conscious thought, our subconscious mind draws more attention to wherever there is high emotion. 


  • When you are in your mind, you do not realize this process happening. You become stuck, focusing on unproductive thoughts that take up a massive amount of space and energy. This is the power of manifestation. It’s not what you think you get. It’s what you constantly think about that is emotionally charged that manifests into a physical form. Literally, passing thoughts with no form in the universe become real when we subconsciously fixate on them.


  • When you are out of your mind, you are centered. You are fully aware that you are the one actively watching the mind and you can let go of any thoughts that do not serve you before they draw your attention, develop power and start to snowball. In this aware state, we can use this immense power of the mind to manifest (bring to form) what is of ultimate importance to us. 


Think about your yard. Without any effort on your end, ugly weeds will appear. Weeds always grow where they’re not wanted. You cannot stop weeds from growing without using any harmful chemicals. In the same sense, the mind will generate unwanted thoughts and if you do not consciously deal with them, they will continue to grow. 


There is no reason to fight or struggle with unwanted thoughts, because they don’t carry any meaning until you give them meaning. We often try to stop weeds from growing (prevent unwanted thoughts from appearing) by numbing the mind with substances and constant distractions. There are only two paths for thoughts:

  • To let go and release.
  • To push down and suppress. No matter what distractions we seek, we are ultimately just burying these thoughts deeper and deeper.


Think of a beautiful garden with all sorts of colors and different types of plants. As you know gardens do not grow on their own, so we must plant the seeds, water and tend to them daily. The same is true with manifesting what we truly want out of life. We must set the clear intention and work on it daily; mentally & physically. 


Getting Out of Your Mind

  • Meditate through breathing or through focusing on one particular task, without any external stimulus. Dedicate time each day to spend alone, without a device or any other sensory. Find a quiet comfortable place inside or in nature. 
  • When distractions arise (and they always do), ask yourself: Do I want to be bothered or be free?
  • Do the work (without judgement) to release whatever triggered you. The best method is to journal what happened, why it bothered you and whatever else you want to say about it so you can get it out of your mind and move on.
  • Manifest deeply meaningful things that you want in your life. The practice of manifesting should start with being in a state of thankfulness. When you feel gratitude, you are essentially showing thanks towards something that already happened. To manifest is to experience the deep emotional feelings of what we want to happen, as if it already happened, using as many vivid details as possible.   

Remember, this is a practice. The mind does not stop and that’s good, because that means we are above ground! So why not make this a game and enjoy it? Practice letting go of small things each day. Rather than beat yourself up, practice letting go how you reacted or stuff you did so you can get out of your mind and focus on what’s of great importance and find more joy in the moment.






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