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5 Steps to Slow Down Your Busy Mind

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We often blame our busy mind for being active all the time. Yet the incessant chatter is the mind’s best effort to help protect us.


At the root of all the inner talk is fear. We tend to carry an unnecessary burden of being self consciousness, stressing about things out of our control and worrying about what could happen.


We essentially task our minds to carry the weight of the burden, To handle this impossible task, the mind attempts to make sure everything we did/said was taken the right way, that we get what we want, and that nobody does anything harmful towards us and that nothing happens that could hurt us. The mind stays highly active in an effort to protect the fragile part inside us that is ultimately fearful.


Just as you would give advice to a close friend in need whenever they call, the busy mind is giving us advice constantly to help “protect” us against our fears. In this sense, a hyper-active mind is a close friend who is trying to do everything he can to help you with your problems.


Our inner sensitivity comes out as symptoms from our psyche, letting us know we are not okay. Our psyche communicates through its universal language of fear. Ultimately jealousy, anxiety, self consciousness etc., are all just forms of fear. Our psyche utilizes fear to communicate when there is something wrong.


In a similar way, the body gives off pain signals when there is a physical issue.  As uncomfortable as it can be, pain at its core is not bad; it’s just the language our nervous system uses to let us know something is wrong. The injury is the real issue, not the pain.


Imagine that you got a really bad cut that was gushing blood. You received a signal of pain from your nervous system to ensure you addressed the issue. In response to the pain, you’d find the injury, cover the wound, objectively assess how it could have happened and go to the hospital to get stitches in order to close the wound.


Now imagine the alternative. You have the deep cut but instead of dealing with it, you decide to numb the pain with pills and alcohol. In the short term you’ll be able to mask the pain, but the deep cut will not close and heal. Eventually nothing will be able to distract you from the increasing pain and your cut will have gotten infected or worse.


This is how we treat our psyche. A busy mind is nothing more than a cautious mind doing its best to let us know something isn’t right deep inside. Yet more often than not, our initial reaction is to seek distraction from the inner voice. While distractions might numb the issue in the short term, the fear is ultimately building deep within us and will start to manifest into a serious problem.


Just like a deep cut, the most effective approach is to heal the initial wound, not just numb the symptoms. Step back and start to observe the inner chatter objectively, allowing it to serve as a signal, giving you clues as to where you should investigate so that you can heal it.


5 Steps to Slow Down Your Busy Mind


Step 1: Accept that your psyche is not okay. Do not spiral into shame here; we are all human and have our issues, but the first step to creating any change must be in truth. Just as you wouldn’t argue with an orthopedic surgeon showing you an MRI of a torn ACL on your throbbing, swollen knee, do not fight your psyche!


Step 2: Acknowledge that it does NOT have to stay this way. There is nothing wrong with YOU, there are just some things you need to let go of. Being “stuck” is a choice so is getting UNSTUCK. Don’t even make an option, make it the path.


Step 3: Show love to your busy mind and leverage it as an ally. Remember, the inner voice is ultimately acting in your best interest and is providing clues to help you become free from your issues. Objectively observe the emotionally charged thoughts and take a deeper look to find the core issue.


Step 4: Feel what you feel with zero judgement. Denial is just another form of distraction that will only create more issues. Own your stuff and learn about it so that you can become free from it.


Step 5: Release and let go. It comes down to this:  Do you want to be bothered or free? 






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