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How Not to Sweat the Small Stuff

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These are all feelings humans have. A feeling in and of itself is not a big deal. But when an uncomfortable, tight feeling in our chest emerges, we want no part of it. As with all things, we are programmed to take the least path of resistance and in the moment, the easy way is to deflect or distract ourselves from the uncomfortable feeling/sensitivity.


On a subconscious level, our mind thinks: How can I avoid that from happening again? 


While in the moment it feels better to distract ourselves from the sensitivity, we end up building layer upon layer over the root cause of the pain. These layers are actions we take to “protect” ourselves from experiencing that feeling again.


We build these layers by changing our environments appearance, and behaviors when we are exposed to this pain. Rather than providing protection, however, each of these layers result in greater vulnerability.


It’s like building a house of cards. Not only is the structure fragile to begin with, the more layers you add to it the more unstable it becomes–and the more vulnerable it is to outside forces.


The reality is: we can change all the aspects of our life in the external world, but there is absolutely no way to control how people in your world act and no way to control external events.


Rather than trying to prevent a feeling/sensitivity from being triggered, the key is to investigate why you have that sensitivity in the first place. Do not fear discomfort; embrace it as part of your humanness. Pain is just a temporary shift in your energy, and nothing more. Don’t make it a bigger deal than it is. Don’t sweat the small stuff!


The Small Stuff is Like Stubbing Your Toe

Think of stubbing your toe. Yeah, it’s unpleasant and REALLY hurts—but only for a moment. So do you try to change your environment to protect yourself from stubbing your toe ever again? Do you cushion every corner of your house? Wrap furniture legs in bubble wrap? Vow to never walk barefoot ever again?


NO, of course not! You feel the pain, it passes and you move on.


Even if you did change everything you could within your home to prevent stubbing your toe, it’d be impossible to do that in the outside world.


Ultimately, the pain you feel when stubbing your toe is no different from the pain your psyche feels when something heightens a sensitivity. Yet for some reason we treat it differently and try to change the world around us in hopes it never comes up again. 


The Andromeda Galaxy is the next and only other galaxy we can see from earth with the naked eye. According to wikipedia:

The Andromeda Galaxy has an estimated one trillion (1×1012) stars, or roughly twice the number estimated for the Milky Way.


That is unimaginably huge! Yet from our perspective on earth, we see Andromeda as merely a tiny speck.


The easiest way for us to overcome our fear of insecurities is through perspective. We are living on a rock spinning around space in a galaxy that is half the size of the nearest galaxy. Our daily trials and tribulations are miniscule in comparison.


Look, all problems are relative – it’s impossible to not be bothered by stuff people say and events that happen. Just remember that in perspective, it is small stuff and we shouldn’t sweat it.


Face the feeling and experience the pain so you can let it go.


Make it a game and do your best to catch yourself getting stuck. Face and laugh at the craziness that is being human; it’s the best way not to sweat the small stuff!


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