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Getting Back Into It

Happy Monday!

You are closer to it than you think.


Whatever it is, you’re right here. Seth Godin talks about the dip and how most people never experience the result they’re seeking because they give up right before.


The reason we can’t always appreciate our progress is because we give our ego too much power. We allow that inner, nagging voice to convince us of limitations that are not real, to compare ourselves and to question our instincts. Because on the other side of the dip is growth. Growth in its most basic definition is change and the ego does not like change.


Steven Pressfield refers to the internal power that holds back as evil forces, specifically resistance, self-doubt and self -sabotage. He refers to resistance as whatever is preventing you or in the way of getting closer to the thing you want to manifest. It’s incredibly powerful as it disguises itself as your voice, but it is not you. You are the only one who hears it which means you do not have to listen to it.


The good thing about resistance is that it precedes a dream. Any time you feel resistance, it’s a good sign because it means you are onto something. Think about it, when is there resistance that keeps you from eating pizza or lying on the couch watching Netflix? It does not take much convincing for us to indulge. While there is nothing wrong with the occasional pizza or evening on the couch, there is nothing fulfilling about either—and that’s why we don’t feel great about those types of activities afterwards and why we don’t feel as if we’ve grown.


As the world starts to re-open and you get back into your routines of fitness and other parts of life, know that there will be some adjusting and that it’s perfectly normal. Do not judge where you are at today with where you were at before the pandemic hit.


Do whatever you can with whatever effort you have on the given day, as often as you can.

And when you miss a workout, FUGGEDABOUDIT!  Get back at it tomorrow.


The process is that simple.


The hard part is that our ego is great at self rationalization.  If you allow your ego to run the show, it will always find a reason why you can’t or shouldn’t.  And it can be pretty damn convincing.


Because you are human, sometimes you’ll cave in–whether knowingly or not.

But here’s the key…IT DOESN’T F‘N MATTER.


Really.  It’s only an issue if you make it one, so LET IT GO!


Ya miss a workout?!


So what?


You been off your game during quarantine?


You and everyone else. No big deal.


It’s just a day…just a workout…just a few months.


Know this: it doesn’t matter if you miss a workout or have whatever it is you are craving–just as long as you don’t make it a habit.


And don’t be one of those “Oh woe is me, my situation is different” types.


You may have “stuff,” but so does everyone else.

It’s a part of life.

You either choose to let your “stuff” get in your way or you do not.
It’s that simple.


Success in anything isn’t achieved in any single instance, but rather as a collection of consistent effort.


So don’t be so hard on yourself.


You are human. And we are cuckoo AF.


When it comes to training and you don’t feel like it, you don’t have to be a hero!

Just show up and do what you feel like doing.


Then do that again the next day, then again, and again…


Joe Carabase is an Entrepreneur, Coach and Author. Check out his latest book here. You can follow @joecarabase on Instagram and Facebook for more inspiring content! 



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