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Here's How YOU Win

Happy Monday!

History tells us that wars are not won in any single battle or instance, but in small win after win and constant adjustments over a period of time. Even in WWII, the German army had surrendered several months before the deployment of the Manhattan Project–and there were several factors that led to the German Surrender before that.


History is our greatest teacher because if you look closely, there are patterns that continue to repeat themselves. Throughout civilization humans have always struggled with the same issues. While the way we live has changed dramatically through the millennia, human conflict among others and within one’s Self have always been rooted in the same issues.


What you struggle with now on the surface might be different than any other time period, but the deeper issues are the same.


This is EXTREMELY powerful for one major reason: on a deep level, your problems are not unique. This is not to minimize your situation, it’s to inspire hope—because what you’re struggling with deep down has been overcome successfully by more people than you can fathom throughout the course of history. Those types of issues will continue to be bothersome as long as humans exist–but they are also conquerable!


The solution to your struggles is not one simple thing. Even right now, in June 2020, if we were to find a vaccine for COVID19 (let’s just assume that it brought us back to a level of normality), you still would have other problems in your life. That’s nothing personal–it’s just part of the human condition.


The key in overcoming our own struggles (as it is in war) is to focus on each small win, moment by moment:

  • Monitor what is working and not working
  • Make what you perceive to be the best adjustments
  • Keep going forward.


Just as no single battle has won a war, no single event or change in your life will solve the problem you are focusing on.

Change is a choice only YOU can make.

10 Things You Are Grateful for, and Why

Recently, I’ve been creating a list of 10 things I am grateful for daily, along with the specific reasons why, as part of the work from the book “The Magic” by Rhonda Byrne (which I highly recommend).

I have always thought of myself as grateful. But I have always reasoned, I am thankful for all the stuff in my life so why write it down? Why force myself to think of unique and specific things each new day?


Why? Because when you take time to find things you feel truly grateful about each and every day, everything else in your life changes for the better. Problems and projects have become easier for me not by doing anything different other than practicing gratitude. I believe it will work the same for you, too!


While I still get annoyed by stuff that comes up, I am now able to recognize that the annoyance is actually a challenge meant to teach me. When you are able to be truly grateful for what you have and for what you want (even before you ever realize it), you view life in a different way. You’re happier and more motivated.


This practice has led me to be more mindful, which in turn has led me to be more aware of thoughts throughout the day and to CHOOSE to change the meaning.


The big takeaway here is that had I just sat down and worked to achieve this level of clarity OR a solution to something, it would not have happened. As a result, I’d get frustrated and either attempt to force an outcome (which never works) or stop altogether.


But now, I am consciously making small decisions on small, seemingly trivial things that shift my perspective and my actions–which in turn determine the results.


The sum of all parts can only be defined by every variable that has been collected up to that point.


I invite you to consider the following:

  • Perform a daily practice of gratitude: write 10 specific things for which you are grateful each day–and write the reason you are grateful.
  • Shift your focus on small things throughout the day. Recognize any thoughts that are not bringing you closer to how you want to feel; then change those thoughts.
  • Allow yourself to be human – no war or game has ever been won by a win every second. You are going to feel down and things aren’t going to always work in your favor. YOU get to decide what happens next; you can allow it to ruin your moment or you can accept it and take the next step forward.


Feel free to share this with anyone who you think could benefit.




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