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Here’s What You Need To Know As Our Glastonbury Gym Re-Opens Post COVID19

  • Class size will be reduced by 50%
  • As soon as you enter, please use our sanitizer to sanitize your hands. There will be sanitizer by every door to for you to use after touching the knobs.
  • We will maintain social distancing from entry to exit – you’ll see markers when you first walk in, please adhere to them and keep moving through the lobby, into the workout floor.
  • We ask that everyone wears sandals or something quick to slip off as you move through the lobby into the workout floor. We are asking that everyone puts their workout shoes on the workout floor so that we can keep ample distance apart.
  • Note, we are not using lobby couches or cubbies in an effort to keep distance.
  • There will not be front desk in studio so please email any questions/admin stuff to
  • When you get into the workout floor, you’ll find marked off squares with all the equipment you will need for the workout.
  • Choose your own square, you’ll stay there for the entire workout – from warm up to cool down. Each square is socially distance apart. Please put your workout shoes on there.
  • When workout is over, we are asking that everyone sanitizes their area and equipment used (this will be built into the 35 minutes). There are sanitization stations spread out through the workout floor with garbages, disinfectant and paper towels.
  • For all small group personal training, semi private personal training and specialty classes, please use the side door to come into gym.
  • If you do not feel comfortable indoors, you can workout in one of our outdoor pods right outside the Window where we’ll get you equipment as well as the coach will be checking in on your form and motivating you during the fitness class!
  • We will still be offering facebook live workouts for our clients who are not ready to come back into the gym.

Should You Wear A Mask When Exercising?

We do not believe so and here’s why:

This video & article is in response to Connecticut’s guideline for gyms to require members to wear masks while exercising if within 12 feet of each other. There are serious health and economic implications that have appeared to be overlooked and need to be discussed at the highest level of our state.

First and foremost, put exercising with a mask aside, most of us already breathe wrong.

We tend to use the wrong muscles to breath and we tend to breathe in a shallow way. The scalene neck muscles should be the secondary breathing muscles and our diaphragm should be used primarily for breathing. However, due to a number of factors from our technology usage, stress, poor movement and postural patterns, we tend to overuse our scalene muscles.

Plus, most of us (even the most advanced fitness enthusiast) breath in reverse. Reverse breathing is when you inhale on the breath in and exhale on the breath out. This in of itself is a major issue as its partly years of bad habit from never getting taught proper breathing and it requires time n focus to re learn correct breathing patterns of which go against our natural tendency.

No one wants to push their belly out! This can be even harder for the person who is already self conscious about their midsection.

While we should and we could all breathe better during exercise, but right now it’s better for us to exercise for the physical and mental benefit. After three months of quarantine, people want to & deserve to get out of their house and escape the chaos for a short time. Masks are psychological triggers for all stress COVID related.

When Happens When You Wear A Mask During Exercise
Wearing a mask when you’re training is like inducing someone with asthma. When you wear a mask and exercise, you’re taking in a lot of CO2 and your body cannot handle levels that high.
As a result, you’ll gasp for air and since air is restricted, it’s likely you will fatigue quicker, get light headed and potentially hyperventilate. Putting on a mask when exercising makes the task of breathing 10x harder because of the restricted air flow. This is especially challenging as we move into the hotter summer months.

The Collateral Damage Of Wearing A Mask When Exercising
When you restrict airflow, the body reacts in a fight or flight state where breathing becomes shallow and we use the upper chest and neck area as primary muscles for breathing. As a result, there are several issues:
Increased Stress
Postural issues
Economic concerns

Increased Stress
Poor breathing causes stress in the body through compensation & overuse, yet stress causes poor breathing due to the fight or flight response. It’s a double whammy of trouble which is why we do not want to make breathing harder nor stop people from releasing stress via exercise.

Right now as a society stress levels are through the roof. Exercising in a place where you feel at home and free from the chaos of the world, above all the physical benefits should be a healthy outlet to reduce stress…NOT something else to increase stress through restrictive breathing.

More anxiety?
When our breathing becomes restrictive and we tap into our fight or flight mode, the body sends oxygen to the muscles in preparation for action. Even while exercising, it’s unlikely all the oxygen will be used which creates an imbalance with CO2 in the body and gives off symptoms of anxiety.

As a result of our typical fight or flight response, our cortisol levels increase which decreases our immune system, something we need now more than ever.

Postural Issues
Over the past 15 years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with thousands upon thousands of people of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds. A high percentage of clients in most gyms like mine already carry tension in their neck and chest.

A tight neck can create (or worsen) neck pain as well as lend itself to shoulder issues. Tight pecs can create (or worsen) shoulder and low back problems.

Another issue is core stability. To breath correctly, you need a strong connection to your midline as well as strong transverse abdominals. Since we often sit more than we stand and especially since we have been cooped up in the house for the past three months, a weak core is a major concern for most people which adds another layer of complexity to proper breathing.

When you overuse your neck muscles for breathing, you also tend to also overuse our face and jaw through contractions from shallow breathing which can cause headaches.

One last major posture concern I’d like to share is that of numbness and tingling in arms & hands. When the neck and chest tighten, it restricts the blood and nerve pathways down your arm which can result in numbness and tingling.

Economic Implications
Industry experts suspect that 30% of gyms will close. This is alarming not just for the small business owners who rely on this as their primary source of income, but also the thousands of thousands of people who could be without their gym.

As a gym, we are now expected to operate, pay rent, utilities and keep our employees while operating at 50% capacity as is. Most people do want not to wear a mask. We do not believe it’s healthy to wear a mask and exercise. According to the current Connecticut standard, you have to be 12 feet apart to be able to exercise mask free, pushing us down to 25% capacity.

What are we supposed to do?

We don’t want to charge our members more as that’s not fair to them.

I understand, respect and agree with social distancing but disagree with wearing a mask in this environment.

We were forced to shut down and I understand why, but three months later, there is a REAL long term impact from an economical standpoint for a lot of small businesses and we should have the opportunity to choose how to operate within reason.

We already planned to keep everyone 6 feet away, but requiring us to wear a mask if not 12 feet away is outrageous.

I refuse to make my team or our clients wear a mask. I morally could not ask that of them knowing the consequences. It’s alarming to me that these requirements are forced upon us, with no research to back them nor sensible explanation.

Please help get this info out there and “share” with friends. I’m thankful to WFSB channel 3 for bringing me on to talk about this topic as most news stations are avoiding it.

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