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A Metaphor for Life

Happy Monday!

The other morning, life found me enjoying a sunrise paddle on the Intracoastal waterway. It was absolutely beautiful…rays of the golden sun were reflecting off the calm and clear blue water. There were very few boats so all I could hear was my paddle pass in/out of the water…


Since it was so calm, I decided to paddle across the Intracoastal to one of my favorite spots, Dubois Park, and do some yoga. I removed the fin from my board so I could use the board as a yoga mat. The yoga was flowy but light; just what I needed.


Feeling great, I grabbed my board and went into the water to cross back over the Intracoastal and get to my car.


Only I had no control of my board.


It was like some force was spinning me right and left–yet there were still very few boats and the water was relatively calm.


Then I realized I never put the fin back on my board! Luckily I hadn’t gone too far, so I went back on land, found my fin and re-attached it.


I made it about half way across the Intracoastal when my board started to swivel again. Now I thought I might be dragging seaweed or something on my fin, so I stopped and carefully reached under my board–only to find the fin just partly attached and dangling.


Now, the middle of the Intracoastal is no place to attempt to repair a board fin!  I decided to quickly paddle to a private beach where I could lay the board on the sand and fix the fin.


By the time I made it to the other side and got onto the sand, the fin was gone.


I got back on my board thinking I would just “will” it back to my jeep. Paddling barely moved me forward.


Then I tried to lie on my stomach and paddle. But without a fin, the board had no stability. Completely out of water-based options, I scanned the coastline for a boarded up house that didn’t look like it had security cameras. My plan was to scale the wall from the Intracoastal and walk through a back yard to access the street.


Luckily, many houses are either under construction or are second/third houses for people so they’re vacant. The very last thing I wanted to do was scare the life out of some family by walking through their yard.


I came to some rocks next to the sea wall, pushed my board over the wall then pulled myself up, quickly walked through the home’s gate to the street. I began a walk of about 1.5 miles through the neighborhood and over the bridge–barefoot–to my car, carrying my board and paddle and smiling the entire way.


What an interesting way to start my day!


At no point was my life any real danger. However, I did catch myself complaining and getting frustrated at various points. But with each negative thought, I simply took a breath and Let It Go. There was nothing productive in getting mad about my situation. And then I couldn’t help but laugh.


A Metaphor for Life


During my walk back, I thought about my adventure and how it was a good metaphor for life. At all times, we are surrounded by beauty; beauty that we do not stop and appreciate unless we purposely take the time to enjoy it.


Yet even when we do so, our mind just won’t shut up and allow us to be present. Our default monkey mind is always yanking our attention somewhere else, to focus on whatever is not fitting our preferences in the given moment.


We tend to be so stuck in our minds that we lose sight of the amazing life that is right in front of us. As a result, we tend to operate in our perceptive mind where we make both small and large issues bigger (and much worse) than they need to be.


But if we can just take intentional breaths and practice simply being in the moment, we can make the best out of any situation.


In most life situations we have a choice. If we are in a situation we do not like, we can decide to either change ourselves or stay stuck.


This week, I encourage you to look for small instances where you are bothered but can’t control anything except your reaction. Use these opportunities to better yourself and you’ll pick up significant momentum towards self growth.


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