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5 Clichés Worth Practicing

Happy Monday!

Clichés get a bad rap. They may be overused, but they’re also under practiced. We are complex beings and we seem to always think the solution is something we have not yet found yet. And often when we are “searching” for answers, we are doing nothing more than displacing the responsibility. Because If you don’t know, how can it be your fault?

Certain clichés contain enormous wisdom–if you are open and take the time to practice them. As you read through the five below, I invite you to take note of the one you are the most annoyed by…the one you hear all the time. It’s likely that’s the very one you need to practice.

5 Clichés Worth Practicing

1.) Let Go: Let go of how you want things to be and accept them for what they are. If you want something to work but it’s not working, you have two choices:

  • Continue to force it, get frustrated and expend necessarily energy with it.
  • Accept it as it is now so you can move forward and adapt.

The ability to let go is like building a muscle: it grows stronger through practice.


2.) Think Outside the Box: The same thought and the same actions will lead to the same results. How can you look at your obstacles/problems differently? As you brainstorm, do your best to be objective and open. Ask questions that challenge your way of thinking. Often how you handle a situation is worse than advice you’d give a best friend going through a similar issue. Take yourself (your emotions) out of the way and be open to what else could be.


3.) Be YOU, Do YOU: Replace “should” with “want.” When we start thinking in terms of what we should be doing, we are living some else’s life. As a result, we’re removing ourselves further from the True Self. The True Self is pure and so when we act in accordance to our highest values, we feel fulfilled. Focus less on what others think and more on how closely you align yourself with what inspires you.


4.) Look Inward: Your best teachers are your fears, anxieties and sensitivities. Why does the thing that bothers you, bother you? When we experience pain or frustration, we tend to look for a distraction or a solution outside ourselves. While this may help in the short term, you’ll always find yourself struggling with the same issues. It doesn’t matter what type of fancy windows or cool paint you put on a house if the foundation is cracked. As “stuff” appears, start looking inward to determine why it’s really bothering you and what wounds from your past need to be healed.


5.) Leverage Your Experience: The path towards mastery is to “learn, do, teach.” No experience can truly be a bad experience if you find value from it. Always look for the lesson – what can I learn from this? Once you identify the opportunities for growth, practice them in as many different ways as possible.

Humans have struggled with the same issues since the dawn of civilization. When you view the world through the lens of objectivity, everything becomes more connected than you previously thought. Not only are there endless opportunities for you to practice and grow, there are opportunities for you to teach/help others which will only increase your competencies.

Which cliché or clichés resonate most with you?


Joe Carabase is an Entrepreneur, Coach and Author. Check out his latest book here. You can follow @joecarabase on Instagram and Facebook for more inspiring content! 



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