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A Daily Mindset Practice

Happy Monday!

Sometimes, the only thing we can do daily is to allow nature to run its course.


  • To know that the good will always come back.


  • To have faith that the bad will pass.


  • To be open to the fact that ‘New’ and ‘Different’ can be good if we allow them to be.



Wanting things to be other than they are creates anxiety, fear and tension.


Daily, you get to decide if you want to enjoy this moment.


Know that human evolution has been a 6 million year process and it’s far from done.


Every single second, daily, everything is changing—from the cells in our body to our consciousness.


The only true ‘knowing’ is that there is no knowing…no certainty.


And that is okay because what will be, will be.


So we might as well find our own version of joy in this moment.


Free of judgement from self and unbothered by judgement of others.


Do your best, learn and move forward daily.


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