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The Bridge

Happy Monday!

The bridge between where you are, and where you want to be, is available to you.


Using it does not require money, weight loss or any other preference you feel you need, though it may seem as such.


The bridge is Awareness.


The bridge isn’t hard to find and is not hard to cross.


The problem is that our attention is always somewhere else.
We are too busy, comparing where we are to where we are not.
We compare what we don’t have with what we do have.


Ever wonder why you feel so good after taking a deep breath?


When we consciously or unconsciously take a deep breath, we become present in the moment and move away from the pain of the past and the fear of the future.


Technology Can’t Get Us to the Bridge


We are so connected to technology that it has become part of our psyche.


Don’t believe me?


Leave your phone at home for the day and see how well you do.


You will feel like a part of you is missing.


You will feel disconnected.


Yet the opposite will be true. The phone as technology is only a tool that can be either extremely beneficial or terribly detrimental.


But even as positive as technology can be for us, the more time we spend on devices, the more separate we become from our Higher Self.


The Higher Self is the true you. The part of you that is loving and accepting.


Above the Self are layers of resistance, narrated by your inner critic who puts you down by using comparisons that speak to your greatest insecurities.


The inner critic keeps your mind busy and leverages negative things in the external world (what people say, media, etc.) as validation.


Because your mind is so busy constantly worrying about the past or present, you don’t filter these thoughts. You assume that if you hear this voice and have these thoughts, they must be true.


But you are not your thoughts. Just because you have a thought doesn’t make you good or bad.


The best evidence to support that you are not your thoughts is that you are the only one hearing those thoughts!


Finding Your Bridge


There are many ways to become more present, such as limiting technology/phone use, mediating, walking or driving in silence, spending time in nature, doing Yoga, and so forth. Often, the easiest way for us to become present and therefore objective, is to ask ourselves questions.


Here are 5 questions you can ask yourself ONLY if you dare to be 100% honest:

1. What is it that you truly want? The deeper you go, the better. Often we answer this question from a place of logic where we presume the right answer is what sounds right – what we should do. But what if those deep dark or silly desires are only as such because you keep them in the dark? Let them out and shine light on what you truly want.


2. For everything you want, what are the equal equivalent drawbacks to each? If you can’t find a negative drawback, then you are not being truthful. Everything in life has both positive and negatives.


3. How much time per day do you spend expressing gratitude for all the good things you have? How much time per day do you spend frustrated, anxious and fearful? Is it reasonable to think that you can have more of what you want if you spend more time thinking about your problems?


4. For whatever you are struggling with, what positive outcome can you find that you would attain only as a result of the struggle?


5. How can you negotiate with yourself–as a loving coach instead of a dictator–so that you do more of the things you want to do?
In other words, are you stacking the cards against yourself by listening to your internal voice? Or are you focused on the present and things you can control and allowing yourself to take small bite size chunks of progress daily?


I used to convince myself that I was too busy for self care and doing the stuff I wanted to do. Yet as a result I was often irritated and resentful. I finally realized that there is no good outcome if I take care of external issues but put myself last. What is the point?


The more you tend to your Self, the more patience and energy to do the things you “need” to do.


At the end, seldom do people wish that they had been more busy…


Take care of your Self.




Joe Carabase is an Entrepreneur, Coach and Author. Check out his latest book here. You can follow @joecarabase on Instagram and Facebook for more inspiring content! 

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