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The Practice of Letting Go

Happy Monday!

“Letting Go” of what you cannot control is easy in theory, but extremely difficult in practice.


Often you hear it said or read it and end up being very frustrated. Of course you want to let go of what you cannot control! But how do you do that when there often is so much emotion involved? What are you to do when when you want to let go of something–but it keeps coming back?


This is something I’ve studied in depth over the past 6 months. What I’ve discovered is that letting go requires ongoing practice; it’s not as simple as flipping a light switch. It can be complex and difficult.


What you let go one day, may come back another.


What you might want to let go on a conscious level may not be resolved on an unconscious level–and therefore will not allow you to let go.


You may be able to let certain things go, others not so much.


This practice of letting go–if you commit to it–can serve as a road map to real self-development and fulfillment. But you must be 100% committed to the practice. You must commit to the daily effort of facing your feelings, and then surrendering.


The commitment is not to some illusion of perfection. It is not a game that you win or lose based on performance. You can “win” if you daily practice letting go. But you will “lose” if you suppress your feelings and stubbornly believe that you can control of anything outside of your Self.


How I Practice Letting Go


I developed a 4-step process to letting go. I believe it will work for you!

1. Allow yourself to feel what you feel and question what the true cause of the emotion is. Sometimes it’s as simple as something happening that doesn’t fit your preference. Or other times there can be layers, with cobwebs of protective resistance. Typically when issues reoccur, the origin runs deep inside you. Allow yourself the time you need to work through it, bit by bit.


2. Purge your emotions


3. Take pure actions to change what you can and objectively let go of what you cannot control.


4. As impressions or remnants of your emotions come up, keep practicing steps 1-3.



While it’s difficult to do, letting go is the most practical approach to living a happy life. Holding on to what you cannot control will not make your life better.




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