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What Path are You On?

(For the next few weeks I am taking the opportunity to feature favorite posts from the earlier days of m.e.l.t. While the posts are not new, I hope you find that the messages still resonate and are of value. Enjoy!  JC)

You can be on a path of growth outcomes or fixed outcomes. Growth vs. Fixed

Society over-complicates what it means to be fit and live a healthily life style. Whether it’s the latest gimmicky exercise gadget or a pill falsely promising you insane results from minimal effort, the vast amount of options you have to work out and the various lies & myths of fat loss—there’s a lot of clutter.

How do you sort through the clutter and figure out the best use of your time?

It can overwhelming, I know. But it doesn’t have to be.

The reality is your choice is simple. You have two paths from which to choose:

  • the path of growth where you acknowledge that reaching your ultimate goals will take time and will be a challenge but commit to plow forward through the ups and downs anyway.
  • the fixed path… where you accept your current situation, genetics and believe the naysayers. The naysayers can be in your head, those close to you or even society’s false messages on health & beauty.

The reason more people are not on the path of growth is because we put weight loss on a pedestal. We somehow are convinced that if we haven’t lost 2 pounds every morning we hop on the scale, we are hitting a plateau or failing completely. We know deep down that’s a ridiculous expectation, but we behave as though it’s true.

Weight loss is the least accurate measurement you can take. Firstly, weight fluctuation from week to week is mostly water-based. Secondly and more importantly, rapid weight loss often means a loss of lean muscle and an increased body fat percentage.

It’s very easy to get down on yourself and feel your efforts are not paying off when you judge results by the amount of pounds lost each week. However under the growth mindset if you challenge yourself 1% more daily, you are moving closer to your goal.  Just think where would you be 365% better one year from today? There is no plateau in the growth mindset.

Characteristics of the Growth Mindset

  • Take action on your health: Not only realizing that something is better than nothing, but doing something about it. Crank out 10 pushups while you’re heating your coffee. 10 lunges while you’re on the phone. Neck stretches while you’re cooking dinner. You get the picture!
  • Seek discomfort during workouts: progressing exercises, using more weight—doing the things that take you out of your comfort zone.
  • Invest in your health: Can you put a price tag on changing your body to live a more fulfilled life? To live longer? The cost of not doing anything—high medical bills, handsful of medications daily, feeling tired all the time, low satisfaction of life, not living to see your grandkids—is just too high a price to pay.
  • Accept there will ALWAYS be set backs: You will miss a workout, fall off your eating plan, deal with minor aches/sicknesses and just not feel like working out sometimes. Always forgive yourself, pick up wherever you are, and move forward.

Characteristics of a Fixed Mindset

  • Thinking your situation is unique: you’re far too busy, your hormones are too far out of whack, your shoulder/low back/knee/ankle prevents you from exercising.
  • Timing is never right: Your situation isn’t perfect right now; next week, or when __________is over, or on New Year’s Day you will get back on track
  • Letting yourself off the hook: You can’t because (insert the excuse that many others have overcome but is stopping you).


You are Born with a Growth Mindset

As a baby you fell A LOT trying to walk. But you never stopped trying–you were DRIVEN to accomplish that task. And then you tried to run–and fell a lot trying to do that, too! But as adutls we let movement become too complicated. At this point, the fixed path opens up and many follow….over 65% of our population.

What path are you on right now?

Growth? If so, keep up the amazing work.

Fixed? If you resonated with those characteristics above, you should get excited and feel lucky that you can turn it all around starting TODAY. Tomorrow is not good enough and you may not be so lucky to get the opportunity to change things again.

You are a unique and beautiful creation. Why not explore your purest and most advanced form?

Commit to doing 1% more everyday. That’s 365% one year from today. And it’s on the path of growth….

Will you choose to do 1% more?

Don’t answer with thoughts…answer by taking action!



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