What if… — Monday Motivation

What if...

Categories: Gettin The Mind Right

Happy Monday! Humans tend to be more emotional than objective. When something happens that we don’t like, our natural tendency is to react emotionally rather than to question the situation objectively. For example;   This is the worst thing ever. There is no way to recover from this event. Things will never get better.   …

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Vegetable Tian — Recipe of the Week

Vegetable Tian

Categories: Eats, Life Style

Hey, What’s Cookin’? So what’s a tian? The actual tian (pronounced tee-yen’) itself is a round earthenware dish that goes from the oven to the table.  A vegetable tian is a baking dish filled with overlapping vegetables and sometimes a sauce, baked in the oven (sometimes with cheese) and served as a main or side …

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