Post New Year’s Eve Hangover Cure

Categories: Eats

Hey whats up, I figured you might be feeling a bit hung over today after last night’s New Year’s celebration so I wanted to provide you with one quick thing you can do to feel better instantly plus if you’re feeling really ambitious, a quick fat blasting workout you can do right next to your bed, …

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1 Weird Fat Loss Trick

Categories: Gettin The Mind Right

  Hey whats up, What I’ m about to tell you is going to sound weird but the ironic thing is, its actually pretty normal.  Research shows us that the average person talks to him or herself 50,000 x a day….most of this self talk is self directed and unfortunately, negative – psychological researchers found …

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Sculpted Abs & Arms Quick Workout

Categories: Trainnig

What’s the best way to get defined arms? What’s the best way to melt off belly fat? The most important thing is consistency! That is, getting it done day n day out, week in week out regardless of how busy or tired you are….that’s the six pack abs secret and secret to chiseled arms. Its …

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