Mindset for a Better Body

Categories: Gettin The Mind Right

  In today’s Monday m.e.l.t., we’re going to explore why being ignorant can actually help you get a better body.   I’m not recommending you be ignorant to all aspects of life, just when it comes to your fitness and nutrition…specifically, you should be ignorant of what you cannot do…rather than think about your limitations, …

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Abs Arms & Arsh Workout (4th of July themed!)

Categories: Trainnig

Hell yeah I’m Merican! Happy 4th to ya!! Abs Arms & Arse – what more do you need?! In this short m.e.l.t. workout you can do anywhere, you’re going to sculpt your arms, flatten your stomach & work your abs , strengthen your glutes and burn a ton of calories. The key to develop sculpted arms is VOLUME! You’re going to be working …

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WARNING: Pre-Workout Supplements – MUST WATCH

Categories: Eats

This week’s question was from Chrissie: What is the deal with pre workout drinks? I keep hearing about them and want to know more!! Are you for them or against them? Chrissie, thanks so much for this awesome question. The problem with food & supplement marketing is that they make these products sound amazing…like you …

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