Random Superfood: Garlic

Categories: Eats

 Hey whats up, You ever have/do something you love and know is good for you, but you forget to use/do it? It happens for some strange reason. My latest re-discovery is Garlic. I’ve always loved Garlic yet I haven’t cooked with it on the regular….aside from some of my Greek-Italian recipes I cook from time …

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10 Tips to Get Better Sleep

Categories: Life Style

For this week’s question, I am addressing the third component of ideal body composition: Sleep. Before I go forward, I know “ideal body composition” doesn’t sound sexy but the reality is weight loss is a horrible premise for setting goals…as weight loss does not equate to looking better. And some people have a hard time …

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The Secret To Seeing Results

Categories: Gettin The Mind Right

Today I’m letting YOU in on a secret: top performers in anything; fitness, business, professional sports etc., do not devote themselves to their particular skill just to get better at it…the secret is that these people actually love the training and practice. This love for getting better translates into constant results and separates them from …

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4 Minute At Home Christmas Day Workout

Categories: Trainnig

Merry Christmas! Alright, I know it’s a holiday but holidays are the worst times to be inactive (aside from vacation). We’re eating & drinking more and moving less. Crank this 4 minute workout to pump up your metabolism to burn holiday calories at rest! Set a cell phone or cooking timer for 4 minutes and …

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