New Years Challenge For YOU

Categories: Gettin The Mind Right, Life Style

Imagine those Mayans were right and today was the end of the world…in your last moments, would you have regrets? Regrets about pursing someone or something you wanted deep in your gut…? Regrets about connecting more with family…? Regrets about not challenging yourself more physically; not investing in professional training, training for an adventure run …

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9 Holistic Cold Remedies

Categories: Life Style, Trainnig

Let me first state I’m not an MD…I don’t even play one on youtube and I’m not a naturopath. Everything I share with you below is stuff I’ve gathered from research that has worked for myself & clients. 9 Holistic Cold Remedies To Remove The Common Cold   1. Sleep 8 Hours: Your body needs …

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Are you doing this?

Categories: Eats, Life Style

Sorry to get to ya late today, I was consulting for a National Corporation on their new wellness program all morning. In our meeting, we were discussing baseline nutrition tips and I thought of you.  As I’m sure you’ve heard, there is a big breakfast debate: Should I or shouldnt I eat breakfast? There are …

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