A Big Mistake

Categories: Trainnig

You ever make things more complex then they need to be? 1. Combing 6 or more exercises in one workout.2. Over using equipment e.g stability ball reverse glute bridge withmed ball squeeze, dumbbell press while holding a piece of paperbetween your butt cheeks – too much.3. Combining multiple training techniques in one workout; density,negatives, high …

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95% Fat Free or 5% Fat?

Categories: Gettin The Mind Right

If you were going to buy something, let’s say a yogurt, what would be more appealing to you; 95% Fat Free or 5% Fat? The interesting part here is that both mean the exact same thing, yet we perceive them both completely different. Anything Fat Free sounds healthier than anything Fat. Most often our sub conscious mind makes decisions based on …

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weh weh weh

Categories: Gettin The Mind Right, Rant

I have heard in other parts of the States that schools and sports teams are taking away “winners” and “losers,” and preaching “every one win” “IT will all work out!” “ITs okay yay woo hoo xoxox :).”  That concept makes me want to vomit. You can not be ignorant to reality – there ARE winners …

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