How to Cultivate Your Inner Strength — Monday Motivation

How to Cultivate Your Inner Strength

Categories: Gettin The Mind Right

Happy Monday! I recently started reading “Man’s Search For Meaning” by Victor Fankel, a psychiatrist who survived the German concentration camps back in WWII. He wrote a memoir about his experience and the lessons about spiritual survival that he took away from that experience. Today, It’s unbelievable to know that those concentration camps even existed. …

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Naked Wonton Soup — Recipe of the Week

Naked Wonton Soup

Categories: Eats, Life Style

Hey, What’s Cookin’? Today–while you’re finalizing plans for your wildest and craziest New Year’s Eve EVAH!!!–you may want to take the time to stock up on some New Year’s Day essentials: a couple bottles of electrolyte drinks or coconut water, a small carton of reduced-sugar fruit juice, and a gallon’s worth of your favorite still or …

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