The Mindset Shift to Avoid a Holiday Hangover — Monday Motivation

The Mindset Shift to Avoid a Holiday Hangover

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Happy Monday! Gluttony is good…sometimes. Too much food—a “holiday hangover”—can be helpful…if it helps you learn.   Sometimes it’s good to overeat and get that holiday hangover because it teaches us what is “too much.” It makes us appreciate and better understand what eating enough should feel like.   If you eat (or at least try …

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Daikon Soup — Recipe of the Week

Daikon Soup

Categories: Eats, Life Style

Hey, What’s Cookin’?   Looking for a deliciously different soup that’s quick to make? Make Daikon Soup–a comforting and healthy one-pot dinner with daikon radish and any protein of your choice. You’ve probably heard it called Oriental radish, but daikon is a vegetable that actually goes by many names, including Chinese radish, Satsuma radish and …

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