• Does m.e.l.t. offer boot camps?
    • M.e.l.t. Fitness Studios offers group personal training classes that offer all of the benefits of a bootcamp but with a more personal touch. We meet each and every person where they are in their fitness journey no matter their age, goals, or fitness level and give them the best workout they’ve ever had. All workouts we design have an option for people of all fitness levels including low impact modifications for people who have bad knee/ankle issues.
  • What type of fitness services do you offer?
    • M.e.l.t. offers a variety of fitness services and classes ranging from our custom made M30Burn Large Group Personal Training Class and M30 Plus Small Group Personal training class, along with a comprehensive meal plan that is specifically designed to meet your dietary goals and needs. Our M30 Burn class is our premiere large group 30-minute personal training program that focuses on a different body part each day, and increases intensity each week through a 3-week rotation. M30 Plus is a small group 45 minute class that gives you that extra level of training to help you focus on strength and learn technical movements. Our diet plans are specifically meant to not only help you reach your fitness goals, but help you still enjoy the foods you love, and meal plan for life.
  • What should you look into for when hiring a personal trainer?
    • When looking to hire a personal trainer who is dedicated towards helping you achieve your goals. A company with a proven track record who exist to change lives. They need to be the best part of your day, push you to do your best, be proactive and attentive to your needs, and sincerely care about your well-being. This is why our coaches are called Day Makers. Their goal is to make sure they meet you wherever you are in your fitness journey, and always make sure you leave happier than when you arrived. Our Day Makers always work to push you beyond your limits and help make sure you have a growth mindset.  

Getting in and staying in the best shape of your life is like a chair. To sit on a chair, you need all four legs to help you stabilize. Most gyms will give you a workout and maybe nutrition, but that’s like a chair with two legs which inevitable leads to you falling on your face. At m.e.l.t. We help our personal training clients get in and stay in the best shape of their life by utilizing the 4 parts of m.e.l.t.:

  1. Short yet extremely effective 30 minute fat loss and weight loss workouts for people of all fitness levels
  2. A simple nutrition plan that busy families can follow
  3. The growth mindset A belief that all failure is learning and that any part of your life can be improved.Wherever you are right now, is just where you are right now – not who you are and whatever/wherever it is, it can be improved. Focusing on small bits of progress each day – progress NOT perfection.
  4. Lifestyle: At m.e.l.t., we are a community where you have constant opportunities to expand your fitness level outside of the facility and be a part of something bigger than yourself.
  • Is m.e.l.t a private gym or a big box gym?
    • m.e.l.t. is a private gym, locally owned small business for people of all fitness levels to get in the best shape of their life in the shortest amount of time possible. There is no judgement – you’ll be amazed at how friendly & supportive everyone is.
  • Is m.e.l.t. a national franchise?
    • While m.e.l.t. itself is not a national franchise, the program and owner, Joe Carabase, are nationally known. Joe is a best selling author, nationally recognized speaker, Top 3 Finalist for Men’s Health Next Top Trainer, and Beachbody’s Top 3 Finalist for The20’s. Our gyms have been recognized by The Hartford Magazine as the best gym in Hartford, CT.
  • Does m.e.l.t offer weight training?
    • m.e.l.t. offers a variety of workout programs focused on losing weight and weight training. Our M30 Burn Large Group personal training workouts will increase your metabolism for up to 48 hours post workout, helping you lose weight. Our M30 Plus class is specifically designed to help you focus on adding another level of training, learning technical movements, and strength training in a safe environment. These are 45 minute small group classes that run twice a week for six weeks.
  • Does m.e.l.t. Offer weight loss programs?
    • At m.e.l.t. our M30 Burn class focuses solely on helping you lose more weight and get better results in less time. In fact m.e.l.t. actually stands for more energy, less time. Our 30 minute workouts are specifically designed to fit your busy schedule and make sure that you are getting the most out of your workout and ensure that even after you finish, you are still burning calories. Our workouts coupled with a diet plan, which is meant for you to stick with for life, will help you reach whatever fitness goal you have.
  • Does m.e.l.t. Offer personal training?
    • m.e.l.t. offers both small and large group personal training.What this means that while the classes are done in a group setting, each individual person that walks through our door gets the personal attention they need. Since we accommodate people of all fitness levels and ages, we attentively listen to your needs, and goals and modify our workouts to meet you where you are, and take you where you want to go. We also offer personalized diet plans, InBody tests, and weigh-ins.
  • Does m.e.l.t offer cardio classes?
    • m.e.l.t’s M30 Burn classes offer plenty of cardio workouts to help you m.e.l.t. away the fat. These cardio workouts change depending on the day. On Monday and Wednesday you would focus lower body cardio, while on Tuesday and Thursday it is pure full body fat loss training. Friday focuses on abs to give you the flat stomach you’ve always wanted, and Saturday is an “Adult Recess” so you can focus on increasing your cardio endurance.