Getting in and staying in the best shape of your life is like a chair. To sit on a chair, you need all four legs to help you stabilize. Most gyms will give you a workout and maybe nutrition, but that's like a chair with two legs which inevitable leads to you falling on your face.

Developing The m.e.l.t. Mindset:

A belief that all failure is learning and that any part of your life can be improved.

Wherever you are right now, is just where you are right now – not who you are and whatever/wherever it is, it can be improved.

Focusing on small bits of progress each day – progress NOT perfection.


Meal Planning For Life:

We show you how all you need to do is eat clean 80% of the time.

No calorie counting!
Eat more, worry less.
Explore a variety of foods the whole family can enjoy.
You pick when you want to eat (we show you how).
Enjoy (NOT eliminate) the foods you love, guilt free.

Living An Active Lifestyle:

At m.e.l.t., we are a community where you have constant opportunities to expand your fitness level outside of the facility and be a part of something bigger than yourself.  We are family orientated and believe it’s important to “work hard, train hard and play hard.” We do everything from hiking to adventure runs, mind-body retreats, happy hours, countless charity events, our m.e.l.t.y’s – Annual Award ceremony/party, and our tone up-n-taste where we actually workout at breweries then enjoy the fruit of our labors.

m.e.l.t. Workouts

Built off of our melt minimum principal to give you the best possible results with the minimum dosage of exercise. Each day of our m.e.l.t. Program has a specific focus so you’re constantly working different parts of your body each day.

FUN – you’ll become addicted!

SHOCKED at how quickly the workouts go by.

Using state of the art equipment such as our Heart Rate Monitoring system, to give you real time biofeedback, to make sure you are training at the intensity you need (we show you how) for your goals, along with our InBody technology to give you an in depth look at what exactly your weight consists of and exactly what your body needs to get to where you want to be.