m.e.l.t.er Success Stories

We want to know how m.e.l.t. has helped you.  Please take a moment to share your story with us after you have completed one of our challenges or after being a client for 3 or more months. If we use your story to inspire others, you will receive a free m.e.l.t. v-neck shirt! To receive the free v – neck, we need to receive a before and after picture that meet our criteria below along with the answers to the questions below.

*Please make sure your before and after photos are at least 21 days apart*

**Please note, we will be using your story and pictures to help inspire others to take action on their health.

  • Before I got m.e.l.t.ed

  • Show off your progress! Use the tools below to upload your separate Before and After photos. Please make sure your photos contain the following: *Full shot- Head to toe *Picture must have light *No "Selfies" *WOMEN - Fitted tank and shorts or bathing suit *MEN - Shirtless or fitted shirt and shorts (no long pants) *Please only send your before and after pictures together, not seperately.
  • Tell us your story by answering the questions below.